Scent machines

Designing sensory experience in retail stores, offices, hotels and public places is crucial to increase customer experience and turnover. SmartNose is specialized in creating a signature scent or theme inspired ambient air which seamlessly matches the brand DNA, its segmented target group(s) and the cultural preferences.

SmartNose supplies an extensive range of professional smell machines creating a fine ambient air from 5 m2 up to 1.500 m2. We offer plug-and-play scent machines working on batteries or power and also scent machines for air conditioning systems which can cover entire buildings and floors.

Scent cartridges for all units are available in every imaginable scent. 100% safety of as well the smell machines as the scent cartridges are guarenteed with safety data sheets (SDS) and CE marks.

Custom-made scent machines

SmartNose is furthermore specialized in designing and building custom-made scent machines for specific retail applications (for example for Philips), for big events and concerts and for public transportation purposes (for example Dutch Railroads and Transdev - Connexxion).

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Cases Scent machines: