Scented Print

Research by Motivaction showed that strategic and appealing scented print advertisements result in and uplift of product sales of 36% and in an uplift of 18% repeat product purchases. SmartNose is the partner for multinational organizations regarding international strategic advice in the field of marketing plans and scented product activations and launches.

We produce high-quality and tailor made scented printing:

  • Scratch and sniff flyers, booklets and cards (including printing, handling and worldwide distribution) 
  • Scratch and sniff advertisements (magazines, glossy's and newspapers)
  • Scratch and sniff activation coupons (with barcode and/or unique code)
  • Scratch and sniff stickers
  • Scratch and sniff newspaper advertisements
  • Continuous scent releasing packaging
  • Perfume sampling
  • Scent varnish and scent lacquer - in all imaginable scents, including 120 pre-selected perfumes and scents
  • For all printing techniques: from sheet fed offset printing through rotogravure printing and web printing. We are specialized in multiple (up to 10) scent spots in one run.

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Cases Scented Print: